Love these photos! - What patience!!!
Brian McLean(non-registered)
Nice looking site! Hello from Houghton, MI.
Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them.
Mom (again)(non-registered)
Interesting looking at additions. Dennos gallery stuff is really neat.
Darryl Lesoski(non-registered)
So fun to look and really enjoyed your talents. THANKS for sharing
Thanks for sharing Dave. Love all of the nature and windsurfing shots. I attempt to windsurf in Elk Lake and would love to watch windsurfing around the area. Would you share some of the popular launch locations around TC? Please keep sharing...I'll be adding you to my favorites for when I need a pick me up!
You sure do good work, Dave. I'm always impressed by the level of detail you capture...the individual water droplets, each feather on the birds. I especially like the silky waterfall shots. It's almost like I was there in person.
12/8 Back again. Enjoyed every shot!
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