Life seems to get in the way of pursuing photography as I'd like to, but I do what I can now and then, here and there, with one big exception, i.e., I did most of the concert and exhibit photography over four years for the Dennos Museum Center ( in Traverse City, MI - great exhibits, and great concerts! It just got to be too much time to commit, so I've backed away from it.

I enjoy the beauty of our world (what we haven't destroyed), capturing the essence of athletics, and those humorous moments that often pass in the blink of an eye, such as the squirrel above that began chewing through my hammock rope, with me in the hammock!

There's a ton of wonderful photography out there, and I don't care to compare my work with others, especially professionals with training, experience, and equipment I don't have; however, I do know that good photographers are able to capture unique moments in time in special ways for us to enjoy. I hope you appreciate what I offer.